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GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine

Made in United Kingdom


The basic machine will consist of the followings:-
a. 42W Brushless Hall Effect DC Motor
b. Spindle Spanner
c. Centre Vice c/w Aluminium Jig Set & Jig Pin Set 13 mm

d. Vacuum Pump 0.41KW c/w Fitting and Accessories
e. Light Touch
f. Acetyl Vernier Nose Cone and Adapter
g. Swarf Extractor (Opening Nose)
h. 11/64 Brass Cutter Knob
i. 11/64'' 6.5'' Solid Micrograin Carbide Cutters
j. 11/64" Diamond Drag Cutters
k. Basic engraving software package with 100 Engraving fonts, Quick Start Guide all manuals supplied on CD
l. USB Adapter
m. Serial Lead 5 metre
n. Power Cord
Highlights of GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine


The U-MARQ GEM-FX4 is a perfect small footprint engraving machine that easy to use. It is easy to set up and use in any environment, where fast and efficient engraving of single or multiple items are needed. The quality of manufacture are outstanding with three bearing stainless steel spindle running at 14,000 rpm driven by a 42 watt Brushless motor, PTFE coated stainless steel lead screws with self-adjusting nuts, and precision stainless steel linear rails and steel chassis. The main modification is the replacement of the cable driven "Z" axis with a direct drive stepper and lead screw. This major modification will allow us to use fixed or floating depth control on the "Z" axis and provides for a much higher precision, when engraving and cutting. Meanwhile, the flat engraving area 265 x 205 mm and the engraving speed up to 133 mm (5.25") per second.

Center Vice
By using Centre vice Centre Vice c/w Aluminium Jig Set & Jig Pin Set 13 mm, it able to turns the GEM-FX4 into an exceptionally fast and efficient gift and jewellery engraver. The jigs will fit the Center Vice to allow you to engrave many types of gifts and jewellery i.e. identity bracelets, watch backs, medals, key rings, card cases and much more.

The Engraving Machine equipped with the state-of-the-art and easy to use U-MARQ Engraving Software. It is specially configured, complete with 32 bit Windows or 64 bit Vista software, 100 Engraving fonts, international symbols and miscellaneous graphics. The Various import file are in the format of Adobe IIlustrator (AI-format), HPGL (PLT-format), Autocad (DXF-format), DesignCad (DC2-format), Window Meta, SignOne Version 2. And, the export file are in the format of Adobe IIlustrator (AI-format), HPGL (PLT-format), Autocad (DXF-format), DesignCad (DC2-format), Window Meta, Window Enhanced Meta.
General Technical Data

GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine

Machine dimensions (mm)

460 x 390 x 290 mm

Machine weight

24 kg

Flat Engraving Area

265 x 205 mm

Z axis travel

65 mm

Maximum vice opening

Centre vice 180m

Engraving speed

Up to 133 mm (5.25") per second

DC Spindle motor

42 W Brushless Hall Effect DC motor

Up to14,000 rpm

Power consumption

3.0 A at 117 V, 1.6 A at 230 V

Interface to PC

Serial and USB (with adapter)

Minimum PC requirements

2.4GHz Pentium 4 PC running Windows XP or Vista, 1Gb RAM, 100 Mb free hard disk space, 256 color SVGA display, CD-ROM drive and mouse

GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine in different views:

The U-MARQ GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine can engrave gifts, jewellery, tags, labels, switch sockets, tools, identification plates, key rings, snuff box, lighter, engraving accessories and much more. All of them can be handling by U-MARQ GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine with fast speed and accurate precision. Furthermore, the materials that can be applied to the Engraving Machine include sheet plastics, metals, gold, silver copper, aluminum, brass, laminate and, glass etc.
Please view our Gallery, these give you some idea of the vast range of items that can be  engraved using GEM-FX4 Engraving Machine...
The Latest Innovation

Picture Engravings

Typical applications are medals, pendants, key fobs, charms, pet tags, lighters, luggage tags and trinket boxes. Most metals can be engraved, including gold, silver, platinum and brass, you can also engrave objects that are not flat like bracelets, hip flasks etc., object of up to 160mm x 75mm (6" x 3") can be accommodated. The U-MARQ photo engraving software allows you to manipulate the photo to produce some outstanding results and because the images have a depth, you do not need to coat them to protect from wear as with some other systems.
Picture Engraving carried out using the GEM-FX4 using the new U-MARQ Picture Engraving Software Function.
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